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Hi Felicia Podcast

May 6, 2019

In this episode I talk about labeling your food and why it can set you up to fail.  I recently saw a post Chalene Johnson, fitness legend, posted on her Instagram on food labels. There were 2 plates of the same exact food and one was labeled "paleo" and the other plate with the same food was labeled "and also food". 

I thought that it was pretty powerful because when we start to label what we are doing we instantly think of the foods we CAN'T have. What happens when we tell ourselves we can't have something ? Well, we want it even more, or in my case I definitely did. 

Sometimes I look back and cant believe I recommended certain things or use to tell people to stop eating carbs at dinner, or fruit will keep your body from being lean etc. But when we know better we do better and sometimes we have to just go through those times, experience it and grow from it.

I feel like a lot of my listeners are to that point where they just want to live this food freedom life and not let it consume you but also have body goals, which is great.


  1. Write down a list of foods that you absolutely love and feel like you would have a hard time eliminating . (forget the food rules) -- and these are foods that should make you feel good so no intolerances, allergies etc , foods that you eat and have heartburn immediately or have to run to the bathroom right away, stay away from.

For me : Eggs, avocado, rice, strawberries, banana, peanut butter, popcorn, dark chocolate , chicken, bagged salad, couple bites of mac and cheese , shakes ( 85% of the time)

  1. Listen to your body - are you hungry first thing in the morning or not . I drink water , drink some adaptogens and a cleanse type drink ( I don’t drink for weight loss - i love the botanical blend and it nourishes the digestive system - but that has become my habit). Drink some water. 
  2. When you eat your meals- sit in a quiet space , no tv , phone etc and eat your food being mindul of how you feel. You do not need to feel stuffed post eating. Eat to feel satisfied .

These are the things I did when I stopped labeling everything and just stuck to the things I enjoyed. You can too:) 

Hope you enjoyed this episode and thank you so much for listening! 

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