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Hi Felicia Podcast

Jun 24, 2019

In this episode I give you all a history of my first binge eating episode. I  talk about my childhood and teen years and growing up playing sports. I did not grow up around words like "diet" and "weight loss" and I open up about my first time dieting and how I felt. 

This stemmed from a conversation I had with my...

Jun 17, 2019

In this episode I talk about detoxing your mind and why it's important.

I give some personal stories as to why I have negative thoughts. I    provide 5 tips on how to detox. 


1. Brain dump- journal all of the things that might be causing overwhelm. Get it all out ,make a list of whats important and what is not...

Jun 10, 2019

Thank you for tuning into this weeks episode! In this episode I talk about the 5 things I did to shift my body and return to it back to "normal" post competing and trauma. 

1. Decrease animal protein - this helped tremendously with bloat and inflammation . 

2. Stopped lifting heavy and overall weight lifting. I...

Jun 3, 2019

In today's episode I chat with Dr. Morgan Francis! With over 20 years in the mental health field, Dr. Francis is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. She specializes in the treatment of Body Image and Eating Disorders, Self Empowerment, Sexual Compulsive Behavior, Mood...