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Hi Felicia Podcast

Nov 25, 2022

In this episode I chat with Lianne Kim (@liannekimocoach). She's a Business Coach & Strategist. Founder: Mamasandco and author of "Building a Joyful Business". Also, host of the podcast "The Business of Thinking Big".

In this episode we chat about:

1. How to Combat Entrepreneurial Anxiety.

It’s the internal struggles of owning, operating, and growing an online business alone, sans an employer.
It’s the worry of building and putting out an offer only to have it rejected in a big way.
It’s the consistent failures and the heavy repercussions tackled in isolation.
It’s the mom guilt when you take time away from your family to dedicate to your entrepreneurial journey.
It’s the fear that you can’t be a badass in business and a good mom simultaneously.

2. How to Overcome the Fear of Money.
3. Why You Want to Be Disliked in Online Business.