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Hi Felicia Podcast

May 27, 2019

Hi and thank you so much for tuning into another episode. This is a great episode where I talk about 3 techniques that helped change my behavior and mindset toward bad habits and negative behavior.

NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is changing the way we perceive situations and behaviors through shifting the mindset. 

For me, NLP has helped with binge eating, bad habits, anxiety, nervousness and so much more. 

The 3 techniques I mention in the episode is:

1. Disassociation - this has helped me reduce my nervousness when I speak onstage. 

2. Content reframing - changing my perceived negative thoughts into positive around a negative situation. For example- after a breakup , instead of panicking or being fearful after a breakup, look at that breakup as a positive situation allowing more freedom in your life etc. 

3. Anchoring - Anchoring yourself helps you to associate any desired positive emotional response with a particular phrase or sensation.


Using these 3 techniques ( which is 3 of many NLP techniques that helped me with the things I have struggled with over the years). The time I put into own self work and discovery has helped me heal - body and mind.

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