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Hi Felicia Podcast

May 13, 2019

Hi all, in this episode I chat about food guilt and how to overcome! Remember that Sex and the City episode where Miranda binged on a cookie cake, she even took the cake out of the trash to eat it after throwing it away. She talks to her gals about the guilt and shame she felt around eating the cookie. We have all experienced food guilt at some point in our lives. You might even be experiencing it now after the Mothers day weekend. 

Food guilt keeps us from really enjoying food and looking at food as fuel. It is super important for us to learn how to manage our attitude toward food because it can work against our weight loss efforts. 

I also provide 5 actionable tools to start thinking about as you listen to this episode:

1. Commit to enjoying food- once you decide to eat the food ( cupcake, cookie, pizza) start focusing on the positive and give full attention to being mindful when eating that food 

2. Don't food shame yourself - words have weight- avoid saying " this cookie will go straight to my thighs". Take the cupcake or leave it but take the judgment out of it. 

3. Rethink your relationship with your food- Are you being too restrictive? Is food taking over your life? Do you punish yourself after eating a "bad" meal ? If yes, start to rethink and reevaluate your relationship with your food. 

4. Intuitive eating- being mindful and honoring your hunger . 

5. Distract yourself with something other than food- a hobby, passion project, take a walk, journal. 


Hope you all enjoy this episode and if you have a similar story leave a comment on the Diet dropout instagram! 

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